Welcome Back!

Welcome back everybody! Sorry for this time of absence.

Spring has come and here in Mexico was received with a very freaky earthquake! A few hours ago we just left the house and hoped thet everybody was ok. Fortunately, there was no victims, we only felt the earth moving and the fear flowing in our veins.

You must know that in 1985, Mexico City suffered a horrible earthquake that killed hundreds of people. Everybody who lived the tragedy (I was only 2 years old) just can´t take it easy when something like this happen. It is like a continuous flashback in this city, here, the earth is always shaking!

Well, anyway, we are fine and ready to continue with the news, suggestions and articles about the independent scene.

Today we want to show you a very mexican design by Silvia Suárez of the Fabrica Social Collection.


Silvia Suarez Facebook Page



About Akira Sunshin

Writer (because writing is the only way for me to say what I want to say. I´m a writer by trade). Pocket Philosopher (I studied Philosophy but I can´t say that I´m a Philosopher, how can I? That will be decided by my readers, my followers, by a bunch of people in the top of the academic world and after all, by history). Comic reader / Scriptwriter / Illustrator (Well, like I said before, I´m writer by trade but scripwriting for comics is quite enjoyable to me. I love comics and I started completely independent doing some stories and drawings. I don´t like my draws but some people think that I have an interesting style, Anyway, I really would like to find an illustrator to be my partner making some good comics), Designer / Graphic Artist (Yeah, maybe, but I learnt all that I know by myself and with a little help from my friends. I love design and arts. I think that the word is an image and image is part of this infinite text that we call "Universe"). Teacher (Teaching is the most satisfying job. I really enjoy the knowledge sharing and I believe that ignorance is the real guilty of the human pain. Maybe knowledge hurts, but ignorance kills).

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